Ha-ray, li'l Bunny!

Monday, June 23, 2008

When Anna "Moonstr" DuBois came to America from the Phillipines at just 3 months old, she brought a big ol' bag of unique along with her. She is also more faithful to her inner child that any other person I have ever known. (At age 5 she made the decision to hold onto that inner child, and I doubt she has even let go of it to get bathroom privacy ;)

Moonstr does a lot of watercolors and makes a lot of different things, but today we're looking at one of her art dolls, Ha Ray Lil Bunny. Newer art forms like installations and art dolls let artists outside of the mainstream (i.e. not straight white men) express themselves in ways untainted untainted by dogma and history.

To help you get to know Moonstr better, here's some of what she had to say:

"how i got started in art...being left alone alot as a kidand having tons of dot matrix paperto draw on cause of my dad's computer.my sewing is chaotic i tend to jumpand not know what im doing.

"what part of my personality it reflects.the part of me that wants to fly a kiteand drink on the beach and have a bond fire.sewing makes me that happy.taking pictures of my dolls outside is fun.hmm for abit i was saying that the dollsare my inner demons poping out of my imagination."


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