A little bit of mystery

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mary Lundberg is an artist hailing from Des Moins, IA. She works in a surrealist manner which may or may not be directly influenced by her previous experience in the world of corporate america.
After getting to know more about Mary, I have decided that it is not in the spirit of here work to offer analysis and easy solutions. In her words, "it is because we feel a need to understand everything that I feel the need to not explain anything." So I present you with the above work, unadorned with words.
Next week we'll have either another indie artist or a new piece of art from yours truly.


Mary said...

thank you for the feature.. I love what you wrote! Your blog is fantastic... I can't wait to see more artists!!

CupKake Artillery said...

I see the grim reaper.

Bee said...

Oooh O love a bit of mystery and the colours and atmosphere of this piece are fabulous.

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