Bubbles contain....

Monday, June 30, 2008

Do you remember the perspective of your child self? Sure, you were smaller back then, but what about your mental perspective?

This image of bubble blowing from a little one's perspective is meant not to invoke nostalgia, but to remind you of that other perspective. Let that perspective be refreshed and look on the world with new eyes once again.

(I did two versions of this monotype, so let me hear your comments on which one you think is better!)

Ha-ray, li'l Bunny!

Monday, June 23, 2008

When Anna "Moonstr" DuBois came to America from the Phillipines at just 3 months old, she brought a big ol' bag of unique along with her. She is also more faithful to her inner child that any other person I have ever known. (At age 5 she made the decision to hold onto that inner child, and I doubt she has even let go of it to get bathroom privacy ;)

Moonstr does a lot of watercolors and makes a lot of different things, but today we're looking at one of her art dolls, Ha Ray Lil Bunny. Newer art forms like installations and art dolls let artists outside of the mainstream (i.e. not straight white men) express themselves in ways untainted untainted by dogma and history.

To help you get to know Moonstr better, here's some of what she had to say:

"how i got started in art...being left alone alot as a kidand having tons of dot matrix paperto draw on cause of my dad's computer.my sewing is chaotic i tend to jumpand not know what im doing.

"what part of my personality it reflects.the part of me that wants to fly a kiteand drink on the beach and have a bond fire.sewing makes me that happy.taking pictures of my dolls outside is fun.hmm for abit i was saying that the dollsare my inner demons poping out of my imagination."

Creative Anachronism Takes on a Wonderful New Meaning

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cara Buchalter didn't have to be an artist, but when you look at her quirky art-deco-inspired illustrations, can you really blame her? It also didn't hurt that the namesake for her etsy storefront, her great-aunt Octavine, was an opera singer, and that her father is an artist.

Buchalter prides herself on living with one foot in the 19th century, and her work reflects a refined Art Deco sensibility. While maintaining that sensibility, Cara's work feature's a more modern design structure which is overall purer than the more densely designed patterns and illustrations of the Art Nouveau/Deco movements. This refreshes the style and makes it altogether more accessible for those of use who are sadly trapped in this post-industrial era.

The work featured above, Devastation, was based on a photo by legendary photographer Irving Penn of his wife. While exploring Mrs. Penn's almost unearthly beauty and painting through the lens of her own creativity, Buchalter is also exploring the relationship between artist/viewer/subject. Not only her own relationship, but also Penn's relationship, to the subject come into question. The lovely woman depicted is thus transformed into a muse for the generations and a mysterious beauty for the viewer to absorb.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our time together today. Tune in next week for a feature of indie artist, Moonstr.

The Worries of Ghosts

Monday, June 9, 2008

This week I present for your consumption a new monotype I made recently.

It cannot have escaped anyone's attention that the summer Olympics will start soon, and this image is printed on newsprint featuring a story relating to protests against China in the runup to the games. A pair of ghostly hands clasp uncertainly and a red star leaves evidence of it's passage. What will China choose to become?

A little bit of mystery

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mary Lundberg is an artist hailing from Des Moins, IA. She works in a surrealist manner which may or may not be directly influenced by her previous experience in the world of corporate america.
After getting to know more about Mary, I have decided that it is not in the spirit of here work to offer analysis and easy solutions. In her words, "it is because we feel a need to understand everything that I feel the need to not explain anything." So I present you with the above work, unadorned with words.
Next week we'll have either another indie artist or a new piece of art from yours truly.

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