Mystery Guest X and a new Clue about the importance of the lotus

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This week is a twofor because I kinda forgot to post last week.

It seems that science is delivering us new ways to understand why the lotus is such an ancient symbol. It seems only right now that the ancient Egyptians connected them with immortality because genetic research is showing that is is closely related to the very first flowers.

Biologist Doug Soltis, co-lead researcher at the University of Florida in Gainesville says, "water lilies and avocado flowers are essentially 'genetic fossils' still carrying genetic instructions that would have allowed the transformation of gymnosperm cones into flowers." (More in esciencenews.)

Another interesting factoid about the water lily: last I heard it's closest living relative is actually the oak, proving that the quirks of genetics will not easily be untangled by deduction alone.

Now to Mystery Guest X. He is a painting that I have been working on. Don't be fooled by the photo - he's actually about life sized. I don't think he'll show well on the net, so I won't post a full picture, but you'l never guess his identity. [mwahaha] You'll just have to wait until I can display him in a gallery ;) (I also plan to add color to this so it's not exactly finished.) I will give you a hint. He is someone very famous throughout the world and still alive today, but the picture is also based on the koan 'Does a dog have Buddha nature?'

Sunset Clouds

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gosh, it's getting to be a theme, isn't it? Probably my unconscious answer to the cold weather. Look for palm trees next :)

For this painting I did the cloud's outlines in milk white then used washes of color over the top. Lessons learned: the milk white needs more experimentation, and I need to get much more experience using an XXL wash brush. And a better wash brush.

Dandelion Sunset

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nothing wrong with traditional, but we all like a bit of modern now and then, don't we? As I continue my experimentations with Asian-style painting materials, I am looking for ways to use the materials in a fresh, modern, and personal style.

This is one of this experiments. Washes of ink and color over my patent pending super secret invisible ink. I like the effect, I hope I can do more with it in the future.

I gotta be me, whatever that means.

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