Keep your head above water 2

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This week I started work on a commission that will be headed for Germany. It is based on one of my larger drawings, Head Above Water (see above). I have been doing more with ink than pencil lately, but it's just like riding a bicycle.

This time I have been asked to draw it with the whole head showing. A young girl's head.

In the original I wanted to focus on the reflections of the water, and also I wanted any viewer to be able to step into the role of the swimmer rising up to the neck. Changing to a full head will have a big change to the meaning of the piece. I suspect the person who asked for it to be drawn that way has a special reason.

Any road, here's how it looks just started. And you can see I like to start somewhere in the middle and let things just start to spread out. Kind of like spreading waters ;)


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