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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I carefully peeled back the tape that securely stretched my paintings as they dried face down.
I have never done such complicated color work in this medium, and any number of things could have gone wrong - like all the color coming off or running together. Or a big fat air pocket right in the middle of the painting. It's too horrible to even think about.
But both paintings survived. I did two - with slightly different color - because this is on the top of it, a color exercise. It just happens to be one that I wanted very much to turn out well because it is a composition I have admired for a few years but only just got the courage to try myself.
The original was called simply Fruit by Kobayashi Kokei. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a decent image of it to place with these, but here is something else he did that I found on a French site. It looks like it is probably mikan (a small variety of orange/nectarine) with some pretty gold leaf.

I hope I managed to do some justice to my fruit. I'm afraid they are nowhere near as skilled as the original, but I think it's a good start. And I will probably never get into a habit of doing such complicated layers of color, but I suppose it might be nice every now and then. Just when I feel like I have a handle on things and I know what I'm doing. I'll do a project like this and disabuse myself of the notion ;)


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