Taking a moment for a bird slideshow

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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I am unwontedly proud of myself for figuring out how to do this slideshow myself ^^
Ok, so these are birds that I painted last summer. I would have posted them before but I just never seemed to have the time to photgraph them and all.
However, this week I am delayed in posting what I am actually working on due to general incompetence on my part ;) so I am posting these instead.
What I am actually working on are some colorful studies of some pears and apples. They are testing me to my meager limits in terms of color use and washes, so it is taking me longer than I wanted to finish. But I should still be done with them in plenty of time for my next posting.


CK said...

I love bird art. These are so pretty.

And just for fun, I gave your blog the Sunshine Award- stop by my Blooming Wildflowers blog and check it out.

PS- This is PAS in case you didn't recognize me. :-)

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