New year's resolution update (again)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I hardly ever try to do the new year's resolution thing, so I give the tradition no credit for me trying to improve my painting situation. But it's still a good excuse if anyone asks.
"Um.... why are you spending so much time splashing paints around?"
"Have to. New Year's Resolution."
I wonder how many things you can apply that to?
"Why are you wearing a green 'fro?"
"New Year's Resolution."
"Well, I guess that's OK, then."
Was that as good for you as it was me? ^^

At any rate. Above is my new table all finished. As mentioned before, it's really a glorified coffee table, but it was still a nice project.
I've never made anything remotely like furniture before, so it was interesting. To the right is a picture of the table from the front while I was staining it.
Hopefully this will not be the end of my efforts to try to spend increasing amounts of time on ink painting because I have a long ways to go.


I'm Julia said...

Pretty table. Now, let's see that green fro.

I'm Julia said...

It really IS a pretty table ;-)

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