New year's resolution update

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So how's the New Year's Resolution coming?
I set a pretty big goal for myself - doubling the amount of time I work on ink painting. In order to accomplish this, I am trying to come up with strategies to help me work at it longer.
I have been doing physical exercises to help cope with working on the floor sitting in seiza (Japanese style.) These are really starting to pay off. I can sit much longer without pain now, but I am still working on a low table hoping that it will make me more comfortable and perhaps increase my accuracy.
The main barrier I am going to have to deal with for a while is the lack of paper. I am currently rationing to make my paper last until at least Spring. Hopefully, I will be able to afford a good supply of paper by then or work could grind to a halt.
I won't be totally stopped at that point because I am saving pieces like the picture on the right so that I can work on learning to do washes and mounting the pieces for hanging.
Until I can get in a steady supply of paper, I am going to be limited in how much I can do in a day. I am going to supplement that as much as I can with pencil studies, art history, and any other forms of training that I think might help.


Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

I am glad you enjoyed the poem. I am surprised you say you aren't exposed to poetry much because your work is very poetic to me. Japanese (& Chinese) brush painting is so linked to poetry...

Now I am off to read up on Sumi Tufa rocks!!

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Me again!

Tori, I really appreciate being able to share your process of self-development in your art. I have a silly-fun "gift" for you at my blog!

SuzeesJubileeZ said...

Have you tried brown paper bags? > When I am short on paper thats what I do and it has a nice effect on some pieces.

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