One Last Breath of Summer

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

As summer winds down and fall colors begin to appear, we take this last chance to enjoy the lingering heat before winter sets in and there is a collective groan about the heating bill.

This mixed media collage by Jeannine Peregrine of jperegrine on Etsy captures the lassitude that comes with days spent out in the pervading warmth. The combination of warm blues and oranges couples with the scattered layout of elements to create a sense of floating. Just like on a very warm day when the heat seems to make us want to float, this compositions allows us to drift gently. The pastel textures prompt the memory of drawing with chalk on sun-baked sidewalks.

My only criticism for the piece is that the clipped paper word, 'secret,' is somewhat disruptive as placed. It would be better if it were not firmly centered in the sunflower which isolates it within and by contrast disrupts the overall tone of the piece.

Overall, this is a wonderful mixed media piece that gives us a warm remembrance of summer as we look forward to Fall.

Jeannine Peregrine is a Californian artist living near Suffolk, Virginia. Please visit her on Etsy to see more mixed-media magic:


AltheaP said...

Oh my, I was so confused when I first looked at this. I'm amazed that there's a talented artist out there with most of my two names!

Althea Peregrine

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