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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Victoria Usova's artwork opens up a unique world that transports you directly to the best parts of Wonderland. Born in Ukraine and moving to the U.S. at the age of 16, Usovas art is full of imagery influenced by folk and fairytales.

Tea with Mice (above) is a light-hearted image of surprising depth. The two figures of Usova and her husband partake in the ritual of teatime at the table of Life. It is a time for companionship where bonds are strengthened and grievances aired. The green teapot is a symbol of their union, a gift between lovers, and the house hat the husband wears reiterates the symbolism of union. The mice symbolize life's little problems, invited here to join the ritual. It is a remarkable thing to invite problems to the table instead of rejecting them.

Usova's art is truly charming, and I invite you all to look through some more of it at


Vita said...

what a great feature. you are an amazing writer, and thanks for having me and my mise over:)

Polly Jones said...

This is a wonderful piece! I love what you wrote about it too.

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