Repetition has it's charms

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cecile Klay, known on Etsy as DreamCreateRepeat, is not your average psychic.
Intuitive, empathic, and just plain whimsical, Cecile's collage art can often seem like portable fragments of vision.
This particular piece, "Safe Travels" (collage on cigar box), stems from a conjunction enjoyment and aspiration. Enjoyment, because Cecile loves to travel (she just got back from a three-week retreat). And aspiration, because this image is a form of talisman which shares that love of travel and the desire to protect the well being of travellers.
The symmetrical composition and use of harmonic blues and yellows give this collage a sense of rock solid balance even on water. The upraised hand of protection, or Hamsa, adds a decorative yet reassuring focus for the piece.
Touch is a very important element in this working method. In order to create such compositions, Cecile focuses on finding images and objects that resonate with each other.
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