Tuesday Double Feature: Delicacy and Ink Flow

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi, and welcome back for another Tuesday double feature! This week we'll take a look at work from indie artists you can find on Etsy: Carol Bruno and the dynamic duo, Michael Ayers and Lani Mathis.
Carol Bruno is a New Jersey artist whose work came into focus after the loss of her only brother. Her watercolor depiction of hydrangeas has an undeniable fragility, and the delicate colors transport one to one of those rain washed days in late spring or early summer. This is a perfect piece for contemplative viewing.
The collaborative ink creations of Ayers and Mathis, lifelong creative people, bring a different sort of energy to the table. Their many inkblot collabs, such as Seamore (above) have a wonderful sense of play that will surely brighten your day.
Both Bruno and the Ayers-Mathis team created these pieces with surrealist techniques. Bruno used a crumpling method of composition reminiscent of frotage. Ayers and Mathis created their ink blot with a method similar to the 'exquisite corpse' method in which each participant takes turns adding elements to the composition. In both cases we see how fortuitous these 'accidental' methods can be.
Next week we'll look at another indie artist, Tiffany Teske.
To find out more about Ayers & Mathis, follow the link to their blog, Green Space goods, on the right. See more of Carol Bruno's work by following the link to her shop above.


SuzeesJubileeZ said...

Brunos flowers are magical! The ink drawings are fun. This technique was one of the many pastimes i engaged in with my kiddos when they were kiddos so it is nice to see it taken to a new level. Thanks Zeph for finding this work.

Yankeegirl said...

Tori, thank you for featuring my Hydrangeas and my story on your blog. I'm very honored and am glad to be in such talented company. Beautiful writing. Carol Bruno

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